“When are you going to get a ‘proper job’?”

Ouch. The amount of times I used to hear this from my family and friends when I was working as a freelance fitness instructor teaching 40+ different classes per week. I was teaching in an array of different venues both as an independent freelancer as well as working for local gyms. I never knew from month to month how much money was coming in and I found myself saying ‘yes’ to everything through fear and panic. All this work and travelling around came at the cost of not having any time to myself because I was always either teaching or choreographing my classes. Anxiety would creep in as I constantly kept my fingers and toes crossed that people would turn up to my classes so that I could pay the mortgage!!

‘So…. when are you going to get a proper job, Katy?’
‘Shouldn’t you be doing this as a hobby on the side of a proper job?’
Believe me, I tried that option.

One day I packed in my life as a freelance fitness instructor and got myself a job as a PA teaching 1 or 2 classes on the side. Well, I quickly realised that I didn’t enjoy doing a ‘proper job’… let’s rephrase that… I quickly realised that I didn’t enjoy conforming to the norm! Nothing compared to that feeling I got after teaching a class of wonderful clients. I wanted that feeling every day. After testing out the PA lifestyle for several years I took the courageous decision to leave my job and I found a way to turn my passion for dance into a business that I love!

My life from that point onwards completely changed. I work less hours and reap more rewards through doing something I absolutely love!! The quote is true- ‘do something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’. Work just doesn’t feel like ‘work’ when you are following your passion and fulfilling your purpose!

I urge you to ask yourself…
Is what you are doing making you happy?

It’s never too late to follow your passion and fulfil your purpose. It’s time to get yourself out of your comfort zone- it’s where all the magic happens.

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Katy x