I had trained as a dancer but was working as a fitness instructor which I loved however I found I was teaching too many classes, most of which I didn’t feel passionately about and not seeing any progression in the job I was in. I had completed my personal trainer qualification and was building up some clients, again I really enjoy this but was struggling to make it work as a full-time job that paid enough and was secure enough. I felt I was spending all my time and energy on something that I wasn’t completely passionate about and that had minimal progression. I heard about what ‘On Broadway’® had to offer and knew that it would be something I would love and just had to know more.

I had reservations about whether ‘On Broadway’® would be something I could do whilst still in my current job or whether it would be a huge career change for me. I was unsure about what the license would involve and assumed there would be a ’catch’ that would put me off. Once Katy had spoken about how far this business could go for me and told us all the details about what’s involved I knew had made the right decision in going along to the FREE workshop.

It was so much fun learning the routines and being around likeminded women who share my passion at the workshop. Aside from learning about ‘On Broadway’® and the license I also learnt a lot more from Katy not only about how to better my career but other aspects of my life which have encouraged me to make more positive changes. I also found it to be quite an emotional experience and it left me feeling so excited about my future!

The one best result I have got from attending the workshop is a new business that I am so passionate and excited about along with the confidence that it will work for me and help me to love my job!

Rosie McSwiney

I was lost after giving up a stressful teaching job. I was starting to feel like I lacked purpose. I was on the hunt for a career path which would mean I could work on my own terms, doing something I loved.
After the webinar, I felt excited about something for the first time in a long time and I knew I could make a business in dance fitness work with someone like Katy behind me – even though I still doubted myself.
The only reservations I had were that of money and self-belief. I had been out of a well-paid job for 10 months, so it was scary investing in something financially when I felt financially poor. The only other nagging doubts were – was I good enough to do this? Would I quit? Typical me! But I knew Katy would coach me through this.

Working with Katy is just the right balance of loving enthusiasm and accountability. She spends time getting to know how you work best. I need deadlines, goals and someone checking on me, however I don’t deal well with someone being too pushy or hard on me. I feel that Katy takes time to understand the needs of her licensees and works with them accordingly. Katy is always there to support me and answer my questions. She makes me want to stretch myself and challenges my mindset. Her big-thinking is contagious and helps me believe anything is possible. Then I find myself just going for it! She is the perfect catalyst!

Life now is exciting. I know I have so much more to look forward to. I have over 40 clients over 4 classes and they are growing all the time. I know this is just the start. I am building my own team of instructors which will allow me to help even more women through dance but also to earn money while I enjoy a healthy work-life balance that I never had in teaching. I get excited about what my business will afford me in the future. A life on my own terms is no longer a pipe dream. It is reality.

The biggest benefit of working with Katy is her boundless enthusiasm and ambitious thinking. It rubs off on me. I always thought I was a dreamer but that there was little hope in realising my dreams. When you are with Katy, dreams are just the starting point. With her endless resourcefulness and pool of ideas, she suggests real actions you can take, based on her own journey. You start to see that your dream is not only possible, it’s inevitable. And then … you start to dream even bigger!

Joanne Wu

Success Stories from licensees during Covd-19 Lockdown 2020