Love to Dance? Want to Have Fun?

Lots of women are just not into the typical fitness workouts and want something else to do to keep active. What if there was something where you could learn a ‘musical dance routine’ to some good ol’ fashioned show tunes? Think all things jazz-hands!

Well there is…

At ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness we run online and in person dance classes, where you can learn an entire musical inspired routine over four weeks and reveal your inner showgirl. 💃

For ONLINE ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness classes, Click HERE 

For in person ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness classes, find your location below and click the link to book!

  • Sheffield/Derbyshire with Katy Robinson Fitness Fusion – Click Here
  • Leicestershire/ Nottingham with Rosie McSwiney Dance Fitness – Click Here
  • Preston/ Lancashire with Joanne Wu’s Flourish with Fitness – Click Here
  • Cardiff with Sian Taylor In The Mix Dance Fitness – Click Here
  • West Yorkshire with Zoe Craven Dance Fitness – Click Here
  • Mansfield with Dancepiration fitness – Click Here

Do you wish you could do what you LOVE every single day as a job?

Do you wish you could turn your passion for dance (and all things jazz hands) into a successful, profitable and enjoyable business?

Do you wish you could be successful without having to worry about marketing and choreography?

Would you like to help the women of your local area feel more confident and find something they LOVE doing as a form of fitness?

Look no further!

As part of our ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness Licensee and coaching programme you will receive tried and tested done-for-you choreography and marketing. You will also get postcode exclusivity, music, access to your own personal members area, access to a private Facebook group with other ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness licensees across the country, coaching calls, unlimited support from Katy Robinson (creator of ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness) and so much more!

We only live one life. I passionately believe we should live it doing what we love and be handsomely rewarded for it (both emotionally and financially). Do what makes you happy, it is never too late to follow your dream and discover your purpose!

Click Here to find out more about becoming a fabulous ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness licensee!