Programme Details


Why our programme is guaranteed to work

1. ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness Choreography – 12 months supply

We understand that time is precious to everyone, therefore all of your ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness choreography is already done for you so you only need to learn the routine and add your own personality. You will be supplied with 15 x ‘On Broadway’® routines over the course of your program (at least one per month). Each routine is taught over a 4 week period so this gives you plenty to choose from within the year. You will also be provided with a variety of warm up routines and the ‘On Broadway’® cool down and stretch routine

2. Choreography Notes

The choreography is supplied in a written format so you can easily follow & learn the routines. You can also provide your clients with the choreography notes as an added benefit, so they can practise at home if they wish.

3. Tutorial & Demo Videos for you and your clients

Each ‘On Broadway’® routine is provided online, broken down into sections taught by Katy Robinson both with music and without. These videos help you break down the choreography to your clients and you can simply copy the way Katy teaches it and what she says as it is guaranteed to work. Katy choreographed all of these routines and has personally taught each of them therefore can advise you on the best way to teach them. You can also provide these online tutorials and demonstrations as and added benefit to your clients to they can practise in between classes for extra fitness and fun and to refresh their memories before their next class.

4. Downloadable ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness Album

An album of all the ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness routines is provided as part of your program via an online downloadable album at no extra cost to you. This saves you having to source the appropriate track to fit the routine and pay for individual tracks. The album also contains the warm up and cool down tracks.

5. 1 hour ‘Let’s get you started’ strategy call with Katy Robinson

This gives you and Katy time to plan for the coming months and is totally bespoke to you. We start with setting your goals and then you and Katy will map out the exact action plan you need to get there and how to implement it. This call will cover marketing, finances, packaging your classes, lesson plans, how to retain clients, time management, mindset, business operations and anything else needed to get you started on your journey of turning your passion for dance into a business you love.

6. 12 x 30 minute 121 Accountability & Coaching calls with Katy Robinson

Katy Robinson will work with you privately via calls (one per month) to get you super focused on your next moves with dedicated time for marketing systems, business planning, goal setting and mindset.

7. 1 x Q&A Per Month

Group call with Katy to get answers to any quick 5-minute question you may have or just for a pep-talk to keep you motivated in between your accountability calls. You can use these calls to keep yourself accountable and have regular access to Katy to keep you on track.

8. 3 x One Day Mastermind Meetings

These days give you face to face access to Katy and the team at the ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness Studio in Sheeld, along with your peers to give you a motivation boost and the answers you need to reach your goals. You get your marketing questions answered, network with your peers and get clear on what you need to do to take more action and get more done! It is a chance to step away from your day to day life and lift your head above the water to look at your business strategically in terms of how to get more clients, make more money and enjoy your life and business more for 3 whole days. You are literally walked through every aspect of running a successful business including: how to get more clients, website design, social media, how to get more referrals, pricing and programs, time management, taking payments, working on your mindset, how to achieve any goal, staying accountable, marketing strategies that always work, done for you templates, email marketing and much much more.

9. Unlimited email support from Katy Robinson

If you have an urgent query that cannot wait until one of your scheduled coaching calls, Q&A sessions or Mastermind Meetings and it’s stopping you from making progress and you just need some advice and support, you can email Katy at any time and you will be responded to within 3 working days.

10. Done for you Marketing Templates

All the ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness Marketing Templates you will ever need are provided for you via the online Members Area. You will receive tried, tested and proven templates for everything you need to attract your ideal client and consistently bring in new clients. There are ‘done for you’ templates for flyers, adverts, Facebook posts, banner stands, business cards, websites, clothing etc. All you need to do is simply fill in your contact details and venue details and o you go – what could be simpler.

11. Access to a private Facebook group & support network ‘On Broadway’® Business Owners only

Often referred to as the “best part” of the program, this forum allows you 24 hours access to your peers and gives you a constant sounding board, support system and makes it clear you are now part of a “family” of entrepreneurs. No more working in isolation!

12. Access to Online Members Area – ‘On Broadway’® Business in a Box

An online step by step guide on how to build your own successful, profitable, fully booked ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness business that works around your lifestyle. It is literally everything Katy has learned and tried and tested so you can just ‘cheat and copy’ and not have to worry about starting from scratch and concentrate on just doing something you love and enjoying your business. Here you will find all relevant marketing templates, how to package and price your ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness classes, all the business systems to use to make the admin side of your business easier.

13. 3 x One Day ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness Choreography & Instructor Training Sessions

Chance to immerse yourself in all things ‘On Broadway’® and learn the choreography first hand from Katy Robinson and the team along with tried and tested methods of how to deliver the choreography and share best practise with other ‘On Broadway’® instructors.

14. Postcode Exclusivity

Exclusive rights to teach ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness classes in a specific location therefore you will be the ONLY one teaching this type of class in your area eliminating any competition and enabling you to be the ‘go to’ person for this class.

15. A nationally-recognised brand

‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness is a brand that is nationally recognised with an excellent reputation for being a unique dance fitness class that enables ladies to have fun whilst getting fit doing what they love doing and a chance for them to reveal their ‘inner show girl’ and learn to dance like no one is watching! ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness classes also incorporate positive mind-set techniques to promote health, happiness and wellbeing. Making clients feel at ease, providing them with a safe space to exercise and allowing them to relax and be themselves, having fun with like-minded women and creating a community is our number one priority. An increase in fitness, flexibility and co ordination is a by-product and learning how to dance is a bonus.

16. Recommended Suppliers

There is no need for you to spend time sourcing suppliers for best service or prices for the printing of your marketing materials such as flyers, business cards or wondering how you can create a website and who can do this for you. You will be provided with all the contact details that Katy uses personally and has sourced discounted rates with and has all the information you need so everything can be replicated simply and easily.


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