Do you teach a wide variety of dance fitness classes? Do you teach some classes you maybe don’t enjoy so much because you feel like you have to in order to stay ahead of the competition?

I definitely was when I was teaching 40+ different classes a week. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of time that went into teaching, choreographing, preparation and admin. Do you relate?

However, you don’t have to say yes and teach everything to everybody to be successful as a dance fitness instructor/business owner.

We don’t have to teach every Tom, Dick and Harry!! Here’s how YOU can create more time and money in your dance fitness business by STREAMLINING your business and being ‘PICKY’ about who you teach.

STEP 1: Know your IDEAL client

Who is your ideal client? It’s time to get specific about who you LOVE teaching or working with and get to know as much as you can about them. Write down answers to the following questions…

  1. Who do you love working with/teaching?
  2. Where do they hang out?
  3. What do they love doing?
  4. Where do they work?
  5. What age are they?

If you don’t know, ask them! Send out a survey.

Why? So that you can build a really clear picture of who you want to teach in your business, and attract more of your ideal client through your marketing!

STEP 2: How to attract your IDEAL client

It’s all very well knowing WHO your ideal client is, but how do we attract them to our classes?

When creating adverts and marketing content, it’s all about talking to the conversation inside their head! How do we do this? By answering the following questions…

  1. What problems do they want solving?
    (eg are they looking for a new fitness class? Do they want to find an accessible fitness class? Do they wish they could learn how to dance? Do they want to get more active?)
  2. What concerns do they have?
    (eg do they feel like they’re too old? Do they feel nervous about starting a new class?)
  3. What words do they use?
    (‘I’m too old to dance’. ‘I have two left feet’).

You can then use the answers to those questions to create some ‘marketing’ that really speaks to the conversation in YOUR ideal client’s head. You want to really resonate with them, and show them that you can solve a problem for them. By using the words that you hear them saying, such as ‘I have two left feet’, and using it in your marketing, for example ‘do you have two left feet but LOVE to dance?’, you are really tuning into the conversation in their head.

STEP 3: Fish where the fish are

Find out where your ideal client hangs out. What social media platforms are they on, if any? Do they go to local shops? Hairdressers? Pilates studios? Tennis clubs?

People need to see you 17-21 times before they really know you exist! So think about where you can show up, whether that be through posting on Facebook, or leaving your flyers at a local hairdressers, or doing a joint venture with another instructor at a local venue.

Make sure you know where your ideal demographic are ‘hanging out’. It’s no good posting on Twitter if your ideal clients don’t use it- this will waste your time and resources. We’ve got to fish where the fish are!!


By being specific about who you really want to teach you can:

  • REDUCE the TIME you spend on overwhelming tasks such as preparation and marketing.
  • ENJOY teaching your classes even more than you already do, because you’re only teaching who and what you love.
  • MAKE MORE MONEY by attracting clients through marketing that speaks to the conversation in their head.


Want to find out more? If you’re a dance fitness instructor/business owner I would love to take this opportunity to invite you to download my FREE ‘how to create more time and money in your dance fitness business’ PDF (below). I can’t wait to help you in your journey towards creating an easier, simpler, more profitable business through this free resource where I share the following 5 hacks…

  1. How to streamline your business and only teach who and what you love.
  2. How to maximise your profit.
  3. How to package your classes and stop charging pay as you go.
  4. How to save time by having systems in your business.
  5. Having a team can save time and increase revenue.

I came across little to no help about how to run a successful business when I first started out. I was advertising inconsistently, turning up to the church hall with my cash tin and hoping for the best that people would show up. I didn’t have systems in place to save time, and after spending hours choreographing lots of different classes I had no time left for myself! So that’s why I have created these 5 hacks. I’m here to give you the knowledge and experience I WISH I could have found when I was growing my business. Like, how many types of classes do I actually have to teach to have a profitable business? (Spoiler alert, you only need one! But I’ll get to that later). Or, how do I make more time for myself?

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