Are you a problem solver?

What problem does your ideal client have that you can help them solve?

It’s so important to be specific and focus on the audience you want to attract to your business. A great way to build trust is to be aware of the problems that your specific audience have and provide them with the answer!

What problem does your ideal client have? Think about what they’re telling themselves. It might be that they feel that they’re overweight, they feel too old, think they have two left feet or maybe they’re looking for something fun to do to get fit.

Being able to offer a solution to their problem is what sets you apart from others and makes you the expert. You’re no longer ‘just’ a dance teacher or ‘just’ a fitness instructor… you are so much more than that. When people ask me what I do, I used to say ‘I’m a dance teacher’. NOW when people ask me what I do I say ‘I work with women who hate going to the gym and think they’ve got two left feet. I help them find something fun to do in order to get fit, I help them reveal their inner showgirl and dance like no one is watching’. This is something I am very passionate about providing, and therefore reassures my specific audience that I understand their needs and trust that I can provide a solution.

When people see that you specialise in THEM, they’re so much more likely to trust that you know what you’re doing and that you will fully understand their needs. This leads me to mention an important point I focused on in a previous blog post- ‘what is your why’?

WHY you do what you do is immensely important. There is no point in creating a solution to a problem if you are not truly passionate about what you are providing. Your ‘why’ should make a positive impact on other people’s lives. It should make you want to get out of bed every morning because if not, someone else’s life will suffer. Your ‘why’ should make you feel motivated and happy.

Your ‘why’ should be the driving force for everything you do in your business.

Katy x