Already teaching dance/fitness but find it a struggle to fill up your current classes?


You have been teaching dance/fitness for a while, either for yourself or for someone else, for example. in a gym.

You teach a wide variety of classes and struggle to find the time to plan your classes each week and feel like you have to teach everything to everyone in order to make any money.

You teach part time alongside another job as you don’t yet have the confidence or knowledge to teach dance/fitness full time and worry how you will make enough money.

You are good at what you do but have never been told how to market yourself properly or how to run your classes as a business.

You’ve got a passion for dance and for helping women feel more confident, find something they love doing as a form of fitness.

You’ve got the energy, motivation and passion to turn your classes into a successful business – and you are looking to increase the number of clients you have fast and make more money easily doing what you love.


You love dancing and always have and you are still looking to make this a successful career. You want to grow your dance/fitness business and want more clients teaching something you enjoy, but you would also like some more time and to earn more money from it.

You may be new to teaching or you’ve been doing this a while but you never thought much about marketing before or running a ‘business’ and have instead simply focused on teaching yet another style of dance/fitness class in the hope it makes you more money one day.


You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing really seems to work! Nobody ever taught you how to market yourself or run a business. You lack the confidence to just ‘have a go’ for fear of doing it wrong or wasting money.

You aren’t making the money you want to and you don’t have the time to choreograph and plan all your different classes each week along with all the administrative things that go with running your own classes.

You are charging ‘pay as you go’ therefore you never know from week to week what your income is going to be and Christmas and school holidays fill you with dread as no one will come to classes.

Your clients range from children through to teenagers through to adults and you have some classes and clients that you do not enjoy teaching.

You say ‘yes’ to everything because you are self-employed and need the money and you worry about taking time o or getting injured or being ill because you won’t get paid.

You offer lots of different classes to your clients and feel overwhelmed with the amount of preparation involved.

You feel overwhelmed and stretched most of the time and have very little time for yourself and your family and sometimes it all just feels too hard and maybe you should get a ‘proper’ job!

You are motivated and you are able to work on your own if you know you are doing the right things and you are passionate about what you do. It’s just knowing where to start that seems a bit daunting.


You need more clients that turn up consistently and you want to quickly and easily follow a plan to get them without it being hard and you want to have fun in your business.

You want the choreography and the breakdown of the routines all done for you to save you time and gives you the confidence that what you are teaching is fun and it works.

You would like the confidence to be able to charge what you want for your classes not what you think you ought to and know that you are the only one in your area offering the opportunity therefore you don’t have to worry about competition.

You want to only work with the type of clients you want to work with and not have to teach lots of different classes allowing you to focus and succeed.

You want the confidence to start picking and choosing what you say yes to and the confidence to finally stop teaching for someone else.

You need one to one guidance and structured support that’s tailored to you and your situation.

You want marketing that is all done for you and you know will work. You want to save time and get quick and guaranteed results.

You want to not feel overwhelmed anymore and have some time for yourself and your family whilst teaching classes and running a business that is fun and easy.

You need the confidence to make the necessary changes to the way you currently work to achieve your goals and you need proof that it will work from other people that have succeeded.

You need to feel supported and be held accountable to get things done and make things happen. You need to spend time with other people like you and in your situation to learn from them and support each other.

You need to trust in the process and know that there is a safety net if it doesn’t work out.

You need expert coaching from someone who has been where you are now so you can take the necessary short cuts to achieve your goals much more quickly.


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