Have you ever wanted to wake up each day & love the life you live?

I love my life now however this wasn’t always the case. When I used to work full time in a ‘proper job’ and only taught dance/fitness part time as a hobby it got me down as I wished I could do it every day but didn’t know how.

Imagine waking up every day & loving what you do…I can show you how I achieved this with my 1hr FREE online webinar training

  • Do you think it’s too hard to make money in our industry and that you have to do it as a hobby alongside a proper job?
  • Do you find choreographing your own routines too time consuming and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you a fab dance/fitness instructor but just not sure where to start when it comes to marketing your classes or running a business?
  • Do you end up saying yes to everything in order to make money and wish you had more time and find everything just ‘too hard’.

I used to say ‘yes’ to all of the above too so I know how you feel, however I now have an easy, fun business I love doing something I love every day… teaching ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness to hundreds of women who want to reveal their inner show girl and dance like no one is watching with like-minded women.

I would love to spend time with you on one of my forthcoming webinars where I will share with you my top tips to turning your passion for dance into a business you love, just like I have. This webinar is at absolutely no cost to you and is my gift to you, so you can learn from my journey and start your journey to living the life of your dreams.


Here’s what people have attended my webinar say

“Katy! Thank you so much for your wonderful webinar, you’re such an inspiration and it is SO refreshing to hear a normal, everyday, down-to-earth person talking so openly and honestly about their experiences. So relatable and so helpful. Certainly given me a lot to think about”


“Aside from learning about ‘On Broadway’® and the license I also learnt a lot more from Katy not only about how to better my career but other aspects of my life which have encouraged me to make more positive changes. I also found it to be quite an emotional experience and it left me feeling so excited about my future!”

Rosie McSwiney


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