I love to dance and want to do it as a business, please show me how!

FREE workshop PLUS ‘On Broadway’® Masterclass taught by Katy Robinson founder and Director of ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness

  • Do you love to dance and wish you could do it for a living but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you love to dance and are passionate about sharing your love of dance with women of all ages, shapes, sizes and those with two left feet; helping them to gain in confidence and fitness?
  • Would you like to help women feel more confident, find something they love doing as a form of fitness?
  • Do you love all the songs from popular musicals, West End and Broadway shows?
  • Would you like the opportunity to turn your passion for dance into a successful profitable business teaching ‘On Broadway’®

Turn your passion for dance into a business you love – at this FREE workshop we will show you how you can turn your passion for dance into a successful, fun and fully booked dance fitness business that doesn’t feel like hard work; enables you to do something you love every day; that fits around your life whilst making money; and being supported using our tried and tested ‘On Broadway’® business in a box method/ready-made business – unlike anything else currently available in the UK.

You will learn how to believe in yourself and see yourself as more than ‘just’ a fitness instructor or dance teacher.

You will feel more confident about attracting and keeping more clients.

Here’s what will be covered in the Free workshop

  • Take part in an ‘On Broadway’® Masterclass taught by Katy Robinson, founder & creator of ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness
  • Hear real life success stories from people just like you and how this workshop has helped them. Also hear from our ‘On Broadway’® clients and how coming to class has changed their lives
  • I will share with you the 3 best performing marketing templates so you can see what works and will guarantee you more clients so you can stop wasting your time
  • I will show you how I have achieved a very successful profitable business in just 3 years doing something I love every day
  • I will share with you how I sell my various packages that enable women to continue doing something they love in order to get fit
  • Leave with the confidence you can easily get more clients into your dance fitness class very simply and quickly

Here’s what people have attended my workshop say

I was on maternity leave and feeling ready to get back into work. Before my maternity leave, I had been teaching some children’s dance classes locally, which I had set up myself as an extra to my day job. I was anxious about starting these classes again due to the effort of advertising and marketing the classes and the risk of not having any take-up on my return. I was aware of the hard work it had taken to establish the small classes originally, and I knew that in the time I had taken off to have my baby, the children would have found new dance classes, meaning I would be starting from scratch again.

I was nervous about being fit enough to teach exercise classes after having my baby and also nervous about not having taught any adult classes.

I felt like it was a big step to take to even think about investing in my own business, never mind actually doing it, and I wondered if I would be totally out of my comfort zone surrounded by established and professional instructors.

I was unsure about the reality of being able to afford to set up on my own and fully commit to running a dance business.

The workshop has been inspiring and motivating. It has made me change my way of thinking and I have realised I sometimes need to take risks in order to be happy and excel in life.
The workshop has helped me understand what I need for a successful business and what I will need to do to achieve this. It has also helped to put some of my reservations to bed as there were other people in similar positions to mine.

Katy was welcoming and enthusiastic and her passion for ensuring women everywhere have the opportunity to do something they love was evident throughout the workshop. Katy’s passion was infectious and I was excited about all the information that was provided.

The best result I got from attending the FREE workshop was that I now feel motivated and ready to take the next steps in starting up my own dance business as I know I will be fully supported by an amazing company with values that match my own. I realised that my dream of dancing all day, every day, could actually be a reality.

Francesca Mitchell

I had trained as a dancer but was working as a fitness instructor which I loved however I found I was teaching too many classes, most of which I didn’t feel passionately about and not seeing any progression in the job I was in. I had completed my personal trainer qualification and was building up some clients, again I really enjoy this but was struggling to make it work as a full-time job that paid enough and was secure enough. I felt I was spending all my time and energy on something that I wasn’t completely passionate about and that had minimal progression. I heard about what ‘On Broadway’® had to offer and knew that it would be something I would love and just had to know more.

I had reservations about whether ‘On Broadway’® would be something I could do whilst still in my current job or whether it would be a huge career change for me. I was unsure about what the license would involve and assumed there would be a ’catch’ that would put me off. Once Katy had spoken about how far this business could go for me and told us all the details about what’s involved I knew had made the right decision in going along to the FREE workshop.

It was so much fun learning the routines and being around likeminded women who share my passion at the workshop. Aside from learning about ‘On Broadway’® and the license I also learnt a lot more from Katy not only about how to better my career but other aspects of my life which have encouraged me to make more positive changes. I also found it to be quite an emotional experience and it left me feeling so excited about my future!

The one best result I have got from attending the workshop is a new business that I am so passionate and excited about along with the confidence that it will work for me and help me to love my job!

Rosie McSwiney

I have always loved dancing, particularly musical theatre and jazz, but found that after having two children I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it as I had before. I first started teaching for Katy to get some of that passion back (and some valuable me time!), and found that it fit really well around my lifestyle. I forgot how much dance is such a ‘non-negotiable’ part of my life! I loved meeting so many incredible women and helping them to grow in confidence, and found that teaching my classes was always one of the highlights of my week.

As my children have started to get older I’ve started to think more about how I can make teaching dance a bigger, more profitable part of my life, but didn’t have the time or confidence to start thinking about starting up from scratch. It makes me very nervous to think about ‘selling’ myself, and how on Earth to stand out from all the other classes out there! I was worried that everyone else would be so much more confident and experienced than I was, and that the ‘business’ side of it would either be be too much to take in and understand, or, that it wouldn’t be clearly explained and that I’d be ‘left to it.’ I know people who have set up as license holders in other styles, and it seems like they’ve had really mixed results.

The workshop has been a lot of fun, and it has been inspiring to see how Katy has made such a success of her business. Everything was explained really clearly, and it is really encouraging to know that Katy has tried and tested methods for marketing and attracting clients that I can tap in to, as this is something I really lack confidence in. I love the fact that there is no need to ‘re-invent’ the wheel, everything Katy gives you is something she has done herself and knows works, including even the choreography and routines.

I love the fact that not only do you get everything you need to get started, but also that you get one to one support to help you each month. It made me feel a lot more confident to know that there would be someone there who has been through the process and understands the challenges, and would be there to offer advice and encouragement. Katy is so positive and enthusiastic, it is certainly infectious! She makes you feel like you could really do this!

Audrey Thompson

Watch this video to find out more about On Broadway Dance Fitness

What separates ‘On Broadway’® from other dance fitness classes

What separates ‘On Broadway’® from other adult dance fitness classes is Katy’s background as a professional dancer, dance and fitness teacher and choreographer, fused with her and her coaches infectious enthusiasm, knowledge of musical theatre, passion for dance and fitness, combined with their ability to break down the most complex of choreography. As a result ‘On Broadway’® clients receive a unique dance class that enables them to have fun whilst getting fit doing what they love doing and a chance for them to reveal their ‘inner show girl’ and learn to dance like no one is watching!

‘On Broadway’® classes also incorporate positive mind-set techniques to promote health, happiness and wellbeing.

Making clients feel at ease, providing them with a safe space to exercise and allowing them to relax and be themselves, having fun with like-minded women and creating a community is our number one priority. An increase in fitness, flexibility and co-ordination is a by-product and learning how to dance is a bonus.

Everybody is made to feel special and that they are achieving no matter what.

We believe every woman deserves to feel confident, allow time for themselves and find something they love to do in order to get fit!

Our team of passionate, experienced instructors use top hats, feather boas, canes and songs from all the popular Broadway shows, in local community venues that offer safe, non-judgemental classes for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and those with two left feet.

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